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Catherine Behrenst, owner and instructor


My musical journey began as a young child, listening to music. My great-grandmother, grandmother and mother all enjoyed playing the piano, and all enjoyed listening to many styles of music. I began singing in choirs at church and school as a preschooler and continued through college. I am told my interest in playing the piano started at the age of two: While watching my mother play a song, I sidled up the bench, placed my hands on the keys, and said, "Me make it go!" I began taking lessons at the age of 5 years, excited that I finally was able to learn to play the piano myself (my older sister had been allowed to start lessons a few years earlier). I continued taking lessons and playing for community and church events throughout high school.


In college, I chose to major in Speech-Language Pathology. I hold both Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in this area. I continued playing the piano and have taught a few lessons as a hobby for several years, while working as a Speech-Language Specialist with preschool through middle school students in the schools. In 2010, I decided to further explore teaching piano lessons as a career, rather than just as a hobby. I enrolled in college classes to continue my education in music. I expanded my practice and opened "Catherine's Piano Studio" in my home, as well as continuing to give lessons in the homes of students.


One of my earliest memories of the piano is a recording of Beethoven sonatas. I had always remembered liking Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique, so I bought a copy and proceeded to learn it. I learned the introduction, second and third movements. One day, I was playing the second movement when my mother teared up and told me that when I was three, I'd told her I would learn that piece. And that piano I shimmied up to when I was two was moved to my home late last year. My mother said that she could hear my two-year-old voice as the movers packed it into their truck.


I was also given some other opportunities to be involved in another area of music that I've always loved: Choral. I co-led a choir at my church. It was a great pleasure to help others find their voice and worship as group leaders.


I am blessed to have a leadership role in enabling others on their musical journey. "Grandnana's piano" as a part of the process is a special added bonus. I am also blessed that research, creativity and ingenuity has led me to be able to offer lessons as early as preschool, to help build math skills, as well as to adults who have always wanted to learn but for whatever reason, have never had the chance.


This is my musical journey thus far. What about yours? How can I help you begin or continue your journey?

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